About Us

System rentals in Chennai

We are Skopsys, a leading company for Computer Rentals in Chennai,Founded in 2004 as erstwhile “Cyborg Systems”, which was later renamed to Skopsys in 2014. Our rental products include: Laptops and PC systems for Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis. We operate in and around Chennai, parts of Kerala, and are in process of expanding to all parts of Tamil Nadu.

We also assist our clients by providing repairing/maintenance service with our highly qualified technical team. If you are in need of high configuration/specification PC systems/Laptops for a period of time on rental basis, Skopsys is the perfect pick for you. We offer all desktops/Laptops of all brands and configurations, save yourself from the worry of technical glitches with our systems. one knows the importance of systems and their utility in your business better than we do. We offer tailor made systems aptly customized for your business needs.

In the highly unlikely event of you facing any problem with our systems, remember - we're just a phone call away. Our highly adept technical team will visit customer place swiftly and rectify the issue at the earliest. This is to ensure that the glitches cause least disruption to your business. Our rental plans are very flexible customer can get systems on rent on Daily/weekly and monthly basics.

We don’t just rent, we take complete responsibility of the product, before and after delivery. And we expect you handle the systems with adequate care. Now that’s what we call “a win-win situation” for both of us.

We provide all systems on hire/lease, short term and long term.
We also give brand new box Desktops/Laptops for long term lease.